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I am based in Annan/Leith, Ontario. With expressive brushstrokes, I aim to capture the beauty of nature via ink on rice paper or silk and using acrylic on canvas.  An avid gardener and collector of peony varieties, these along with plant species native to Grey Bruce, birds, local landscapes are among my favorite painting subjects.


We host an annual open house to the garden oasis, “Gingko Footprints”, that my husband and I have been cultivating for about thirteen years.

I first delved into Ink Washing (Chinese brush painting) seriously in 2009. I work in the two primary styles of traditional brushwork, Freehand (Xieyi), which is loose and expressive and the Meticulous (Gongbi) style, which is highly detailed. While Ink Washing has been a mainstay in my life and is central to my aesthetic, I have also delved into acrylics learned from local artists since 2018.

I am a permanent member of the Owen Sound Artists Co-op , Southampton Arts.                                                         -Emily Bi

Dive into my Ink Washing (Chinese Brush Paintings) - Emily Bi 2023

Dive into my Ink Washing (Chinese Brush Paintings) - Emily Bi 2023

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Samples of Ink Wash Paintings

Samples of Acrylic Paintings

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