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Our Passion of Gardening...

My husband Dennis and I have been enjoying our time in our gardens on the outskirts of Owen Sound for over twelve years.


I love almost all kinds of plants, something I owe to the influences of my grandma and dad. I still remember grandma's window sills in her apartment, overflowing with all types of plants. I like collecting plants, just like grandma did, but instead of a window sill we have filled our rural property with over 300 varieties of peonies and more than two hundred types of hostas. Our biggest collection, however, is plants native to Grey/Bruce, all purchased locally.


We love sharing our passion with the community, and host our garden events in June when our plant collections are in bloom! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced gardener, you will enjoy your visit at Ginkgo Footprints and its combination of exotic and native plants. Wander through our gardens and enjoy our delicate plant collections, the birds and butterflies interspersed with structures and ART!

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